Dear Guest

Dak Bungalow Hospitality in COVID Times

Welcome to The Dak Bungalow where your safety is of prime importance to us. Please see the steps being taken below to ensure this:

  • Our guest’s travel history will be closely looked into prior to arrival.
  • At the main gate, the body temperature of all guests, team members, and vendors entering our resorts will be recorded.
  • Thorough and repeated cleaning of high contact surfaces such as door handles, countertops, and all public areas using the best quality sanitizers as recommended by the Govt of India.
  • Rigorous cleaning and sanitization of guest rooms using sanitizers and antibacterial cleaners. Once completed, guest rooms are inspected and sealed off until check-in.
  • Safety kits are provided in all rooms containing disposable gloves, N95 masks, and hand sanitizers.
  • All material coming into The Dak Bungalow is sanitized immediately upon delivery and prior to entering the premises. Another round of sanitization takes place when items are moved to the kitchens.
  • Our kitchen teams are equipped with masks, gloves and hairnets to maintain the highest levels of hygiene.
  • Kitchen utensils and equipment are being thoroughly cleaned after every use.
  • Regular training carried out with our team members to ensure that hygiene and sanitation protocols are followed .

The Dak Bungalow is located amidst 10 acres of fields and forest far away and quite separate from crowded areas. Our accommodation is restricted in terms of numbers that we can accommodate. Physical distancing and all COVID norms are therefore more easily maintained. Also as a matter of policy, we do not accept walk-ins ensuring that all guests are properly informed beforehand of our policies and there travel and medical history ascertained in advance.

With my best wishes to you and your family and looking forward to seeing you securely welcomed pampered and protected at The Dak Bungalow At Dera Bassi

Yours truly
Preeti Nagarajan
( Director)