The Burra Sahib Safari Tent

7200.00 (Starting Rate/Night. Inclusive of breakfast and all taxes.)

Life in the colonial era was life on the move for government officials as they had to tour extensively. Dak Bungalows originally intended as sorting and transit points for the post (Dak) evolved into rest houses for these touring officials and spawned a whole new culture that redefined travelling in India in that era.

Life in tents was very much a part of this culture. The Sahibs entourage with its baggage train of attendants and camping equipment travelled in advance so as to ensure that everything was in readiness before the Sahib’s arrival. These encampments were elaborate and tents had all the comforts of home.

At the Dak Bungalow, we recreate for our guests the ambience of that era when camping was the norm.

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Amenities & Facilities

At The Dak bungalow good basic facilities are all a part of the service that we provide to make our guests comfortable.

All our accomodation comes complete with a Double Bed, Sofa and easy chair(s),and a luggage rack.

WIFI is provided via Jio dongle on request.

All bathrooms have hot and cold running water. Each room has a private verandah overlooking the gardens , fields and forest.

Mineral water is served in the common areas and in the rooms Mineral water ( not RO ) is provided in glass bottles.

We do not normally provide room service except for bed tea which is served individually in the rooms to guests between 7.30am and 8.30pm on demand.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE ALCOHOL . Guests are advised to carry their own alcoholic beverages which our staff will be happy to serve .

Drivers and other guest staff:

We have limited accommodation for accompanying male staff such as driver or personal valet. We need to be informed in advance if guests have such a requirement. There is no provision for the guests personal staff to be fed on the premises.